Have you ever walked into a house or place of business and smelled something odd or offensive? At first it's very strong, but then once you've been in there for a bit, the smell seems to go away? The human sense of smell adjusts very quickly to its surroundings, so even if you don't smell it anymore, it's still there...................and Buyers WILL smell it too!

Whether the odor is from pets living in the house or from a habitual smoker, cleaning the carpets and drapes, spraying Febreez, burning candles, or using fragrant plug-ins may NOT mask the smell when Buyers are looking at your house and can sometimes make it worse. Buyers are smart and first impressions are key when selling your home! 

If you're trying to sell your home, please take care of the odors before it's shown to prospective buyers. It can mean the difference in a sale!

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