When Buyers are viewing your home, there are 5 things they should NEVER see. Out of sight, out of mind!

  1. Bills and personal papers--While you're not expected to actually remove these from the home all together, please take the time to organize and box them up......put them away! If you have bills laying out on the counter or kitchen table, it's like an invitation for the buyers to 'peek' at them.
  2. Money--If you have cash, cash boxes or coin jars sitting out in the open..... put them away! It's just better for everyone if it's out of sight.
  3. Valuables--Jewelry, watches, valuable antiques......anything that might be worth a little money that you wouldn't want to lose..... put them away!
  4. Guns and ammo--I don't care if they're in a case, out laying around or under a bed.....put them away! It's not safe and makes everyone feel uncomfortable.
  5. Medicine--Don't store it on the counter. Don't store it in a kitchen cabinet. Don't store it in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom....put it away!

Remember, if you have your house on the market and buyers are coming in and out for showings, put these things away! It just makes it better for everyone involved......out of sight, out of mind!

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